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Trading Jumpinghorses

Trading jumpinghorses

Jumping horses were developed for both the rider and the horse. A young horse could be trained to jump over fences with no special skills, or, they could be trained with skills. Jumping horses, no matter what their age, required a great deal of dedication, patience, and caring from the rider. They were often very stressful to ride because they had so much skill needed to perform and a great deal of risk. Dressage riders had to be incredibly patient with young horses and ride them every day without fail, while maintaining a good diet for the animal and avoiding injury.

Today, dressage and jumping have both made huge come backs and many countries now compete in both disciplines. Dressage is now a part of the Olympic Games and most commonly performed discipline in dressage trials. Jumping horses show off their athletic ability and grace at the Olympics. Many famous riders have won medals in this discipline. The older animals are often retired from show jumping after show training, while younger horses are often used in dressage trials.

The discipline of jumping has a long and interesting history dating back to medieval times and shows a lot of variations as we move through time. One common variation is called the fei style. Feis was originally invented in Germany and named after a German knight who was said to have improved the jumping technique. Traditionally, the horses and rider would wear similar gear, including helmets, gloves, harnesses, breeches, and breeches belts.

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The history of trading jumping horses can be traced back to the 15th century when the French developed a method of training young animals for riding, which was called puguing. The horses would be taught a variety of things, from how to jump and carry their rider to how to dressage. Many of the breeds that are used in dressage today were developed from this breeding program. Modern day puguing is often done in competitions, although some riders do it simply for fun. All in all, trading jumping horses can be an exciting and rewarding career for those who love horses and enjoy competing.

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