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Breeding Jumpinghorses

Breeding jumpinghorses

Breeding Jumpinghorses:

The most important piece of information a breeder can build on is the mare line. By this I mean the lowest line in the horse´s pedigree. The mother, grandmother, etc. If there are no known successful relatives in the mare line who have performed in the top sport, a breeder cannot expect to breed horses for this level.

Look at the sport of say thirty years ago and you find that breeding is nothing like the past.  The theory of evolution is a scientific fact and it is no different in sport and breeding. Show the sport and I´ll tell you how the horse was bred: from massive clunky hurdles and ditto horses, the sport and breeding has evolved to blood-made cautious horses jumping over subtly built obstacle material with a light pole.  Parcours are different, obstacles are different, speed of execution is different, the jumping horse is different.

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Horses reach puberty when they are about two years old. However, it is recommended that mares and stallions not be bred until they are three years old or older. There is really no reason to breed with a very young horse. Horses have a long and fertile life : up to eight in the twenties they can be bred with. It also counts that a very young horse can never have proven that it has any skills. So you are actually breeding from an unknown starting point.

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